Announcement – The Apostate Saint – Serialized Stories

I am pleased to announce a new series of short stories to be included directly on the blog. This new series takes place hundreds of years before the events of PANCHO'S FALL and follows FRIDOK, the Saint who went missing after his crusades were over. Fridok was among the original Ten Saints who followed El Hijo, out from the safety of the White Walled City and into the wilderness to cleanse the lands of the demons that inhabited it. The short stories will be serial in nature and will directly explain what happened to him, after the First Crusade was completed. Fridok returned from the crusades expecting to find some notoriety for his endeavors and sacrifice for the greater good,… Continue reading Announcement – The Apostate Saint – Serialized Stories

The Rise of Emperor Wa’rath

History remembers the man who was primarily responsible for the toppling of the Torian Empire on Caelon. Without a doubt, Wa'rath the Conqueror is one of the most feared and divisive figures to ever enter the geopolitical stage at the center of civilization. To this day, his legacy lives on, both in the kingdoms he toppled and the culture he created. Torians understandably see the man as an evil force, bent on war against El Tor's people and their long history. To the Warathi people, he remains a mythical figure, seen as the reincarnation of the First Son. Regardless of the viewpoint, none can disagree the man disrupted the entire continent in his warpath prior to his death. Here is what we know of the meteoric rise of Emperor Wa'rath.

Character Profile – Gelmiro Mendibar de Colena (World of El Tor)

One of the important characters in my upcoming novel Pancho's Fall is a man by the name of Gelmiro Mendibar, from a town called Colena in the Northern kingdoms of Caelon. While Gelmiro will play a smaller role in the novel, I have chosen Gelmiro to be the first main character to be introduced in the World of El Tor, in his own story which will showcase how he came to be the surrogate father of the titular character in my novel.