#TBT – Christopher Walken Shower Curtain’s Grooming Advice (Video)

So there’s definitely a story for this one. Before I started making Fiesta Studios videos again, I had gone through a breakup. Most of the decorations in the house were my ex’s, so when she left, the walls, the shelves and everything was absolutely barren. Even the shower curtain was hers, so my very first purchase as a new bachelor needed to be a shower curtain. I knew that this was my moment – I had to buy the most amazing shower curtain that I could ever spend money on. Enter the “Christopher Walken” shower curtain.

It was always a joy for me to hear the reactions of people coming into the house and seeing the curtain for the first time. So much joy, that one of the first videos I made for the new round of Fiesta Studios videos revolved around this shower curtain – a “what would happen if the shower curtain started talking to you” sort of skit.

Only problem – as I found out, my Christopher Walken impression was just garbage. The more I tried to get the voice right when doing the VO, the more it sounded like a hack comedian on an open mic night about to get boo’ed off stage. I was pretty devastated, to be honest, because I wanted to share this shower curtain with everyone I knew.

My good friend Jeremy Harmeyer helped film this one – he was behind the curtain and provided the scratch track of audio. Things finally started coming together when Jeremy heard my plight and suggested that his family was good friends with Turner Watson, who locals knew from his TNT Morning Show on 98.9 The Bear. He was a wizard with impressions, and his Christopher Walken impression was second to none. Jeremy asked Turner to help, he graciously accepted, and suddenly things were starting to look back up for the Shower Curtain video.

Recording the voice track at Tom Beuchel’s home studio (Tom plays the main character in the video), we laid down the audio that is now what you hear in the video. There was more, but myself and Jeremy and Tom were all having a hard time not laughing when Turner was giving his impression. It was a great time, and I knew I would try and work with Turner again when appropriate (there is a sequel, in fact). Hopefully one day we do work together once more in some capacity.

The last part of the story is that I played a prank on my friends on Facebook the following week saying I got a cease and desist letter from Christopher Walken for using his voice and likeness without permission. People believed it, I laughed, they laughed, the curtain laughed… it was all a great time, really.

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  1. You definitely made me smile with that shower curtain! Also a little bit envious. I almost bought a Robert Downey Jr. one in a similar style.

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