Need Writing Practice But Not Sure Where to Start? Try a Writing Prompt!

Have you ever had the creative urge to write, but don't have any solid ideas at the time? One of the most difficult parts of writing is the conceptualization stage, when you start deciding what kind of story you want to write. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be original. Often, we want to say something unique to ourselves as individuals when we write. We worry that the things we write will just be a re-hashing of the stories we've already told. We want to try something new, but all too often, we worry that we will just end up sticking to the same genres, the same themes, the same structure. How can we overcome this mental block and get back to our "zone" when writing? One way you can do it is by challenging yourself with writing prompts.

World Building Software – Wonderdraft

Let me start off by saying I am already a believer in this program, and I have been using it as a crucial tool in the creation of my fantasy world. There are many things about this program that make it better than its competition, and any serious writers or dungeon masters out there should consider Wonderdraft when creating their own play spaces. As a visual creator, having the ability to create maps as granular and as large as I want make it that much easier for me to plot out the major elements of my stories. If you, like me, need to be able to see the layout of the world you're working on, then I cannot stress enough that you should consider Wonderdraft as your mapping solution.

How to Write a Great Best Man’s Speech

So you were asked to be the Best Man at an upcoming wedding. First off, congratulations! By being chosen as the Best Man, you have agreed that you are, indeed, the best man for the job. Hopefully you are aware, however, that it’s a job that requires you to prove to everyone why you were chosen. The biggest, most important task of the Best Man during the wedding reception, of course, is the speech you have to give to all of the people there. And you better knock ‘em dead because all eyes are on you. But don’t fret, I’ve got you covered.