Announcement – The Apostate Saint – Serialized Stories

I am pleased to announce a new series of short stories to be included directly on the blog. This new series takes place hundreds of years before the events of PANCHO'S FALL and follows FRIDOK, the Saint who went missing after his crusades were over. Fridok was among the original Ten Saints who followed El Hijo, out from the safety of the White Walled City and into the wilderness to cleanse the lands of the demons that inhabited it. The short stories will be serial in nature and will directly explain what happened to him, after the First Crusade was completed. Fridok returned from the crusades expecting to find some notoriety for his endeavors and sacrifice for the greater good,… Continue reading Announcement – The Apostate Saint – Serialized Stories

Caelish Fairy Tale #1 – The Legend of Juan Julian

Once, there was a gentle young boy named Juan Julian who was the son of a famous sword smith in the city of Gorzova. Juan was a good boy with a kind heart, who always did what his mother and father told him. Juan's father, being wealthy, owned a large plot of land where his livestock roamed and seemed happy enough. Juan liked to talk to the animals as he fed them, as his father told him that even though they don't understand him, it makes them happier when he treated them kindly. Of course, the animals never talked back, but that didn't bother Juan Julian.

History of the Saibhrean Isles – Part II

Saibhrean Isles

The Daoine Farraige people were now home, and there they would remain undisturbed for several centuries, free to expand and distinguish themselves into different geographical clans. The autonomy of the Daoine Farraige people would eventually be challenged as the Torians came to annex the rogue states, but before that ever happened the Daoine Farraige would create their own system of government seperate from Torian rule.

History of the Saibhrean Isles – Part I

map of the Saibhrean Isles

There are no kings in the Saibhrean Isles, an archipelago of islands situated off the Northwest coast of Caelon. The islands, ancestral home of the ancient Daoine Farraige peoples, are today ruled by powerful merchant lords who owe no fealty to any other governing body. The islands are neither a part of the Torian North nor are they aligned with the Warathi Empire. The trade barons of the Saibhrean Isles instead prefer to stay neutral in all conflict of the mainland, gathering riches from trade with both powers. Though the various Houses of the Isles are often lumped in with one another as a singular people by mainlanders, and direct conflict is rare between them, the peoples of the Isles are more disjointed and separate than any other political states on Caelon. However, this was not always the case.

“Tides of Warfare” – Song by the Sea Bard

ern warnings of war to come, soon before the War of the Broken Seal officially commenced. The tone and content of the song was nearly universally panned by audiences when he first began to perform it. Years later, it became one of the most important works of poetry for the era.