“Tides of Warfare” – Song by the Sea Bard

Siacas Donn, the Saibhrean bard who became known throughout Caelon as “the Sea Bard” as he extended his untraditional style of songwriting into the mainland, penned one of the most somber and stern warnings of war to come, soon before the War of the Broken Seal officially commenced. The tone and content of the song was nearly universally panned by audiences when he first began to perform it. Years later, it became one of the most important works of poetry for the era.

“Tides of Warfare”

I can see the fog in the distance
It’s not the mist on the open sea
Nor the clouds in the sky come to visit
It’s the haze of a war spreading free

I can hear a low rumble arising
And the murmur of men raising arms
As the sentries watch from their towers
Ready to raise the alarm

There’s a silence in the moment
As the people lock their doors
Hiding their wives and their children
From the eyes and the ears of the war

And the gold and the silver exchange hands
In the halls of the kings and the lords
In the streets there are vagrants and drunkards
Who will be swallowed up by the war.

The tides of warfare are building
Swelling from the sea to the land
From the north to the south and all over the world
We will never deflect what we can’t understand

And there are new tides of warfare
There are armies pressing forward
There is hatred boiling over
And there’s a fog at the door

There’s a silence in the moment
As the archers nock their bows
And the captains prep their footmen
For the fight the leaders all chose

For who can deny the tides of war come
From the simple lie that’s been said
That people from different places
Aren’t worthy enough to share the same bed

And there are old tides of warfare
And there are storms, there are flames
And they look a lot like the new ones
Because they’re one and the same.

Siacas Donn, “the Sea Bard”

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