Announcement – The Apostate Saint – Serialized Stories

I am pleased to announce a new series of short stories to be included directly on the blog. This new series takes place hundreds of years before the events of PANCHO'S FALL and follows FRIDOK, the Saint who went missing after his crusades were over. Fridok was among the original Ten Saints who followed El Hijo, out from the safety of the White Walled City and into the wilderness to cleanse the lands of the demons that inhabited it. The short stories will be serial in nature and will directly explain what happened to him, after the First Crusade was completed. Fridok returned from the crusades expecting to find some notoriety for his endeavors and sacrifice for the greater good,… Continue reading Announcement – The Apostate Saint – Serialized Stories

“A Gift For You, Too” Saibhrean Work Song (Sea Shanty)

On the decks of the merchant vessels, workers sing songs without lute or mandolin. The work songs of the Saibhrean sailors still are something to behold, even though they are primarily functional and not enjoyed in an entertainment setting on the isles themselves. The songs are sung in a "call and response" format, where one strong voice, typically the crew foreman, sings the "call" portion. The rest of the crew responds with their voices in unison forming the chorus. The chanting's rhythmic nature allows the crew to work in synchronized fashion. Here is but one of the many work songs (sea shanties) of the sailors of the Saibhrean Isles.

“Tides of Warfare” – Song by the Sea Bard

ern warnings of war to come, soon before the War of the Broken Seal officially commenced. The tone and content of the song was nearly universally panned by audiences when he first began to perform it. Years later, it became one of the most important works of poetry for the era.

“What Lingers in the Darkness” – A Poem from the World of El Tor

The Holy City of Torium, the new seat of the Torian Council, was founded upon the ruins of an ancient city, something it shares with most of the settlements centered around the land mass known as Caelon. Torium lies across Lago Nero, the enormous lake on the east side of the main peninsula where civilization thrives. To the east of Torium, no major ruins suitable for re-establishment have been discovered, thus making Torium among the furthest reaches of modern mankind. Since not much is known about the wilderness east of Torium, locals have taken the opportunity to create their own myths and urban legends about what lies to the east. Some claim that demons from the Third Age still roam… Continue reading “What Lingers in the Darkness” – A Poem from the World of El Tor

“The Old Wall Made of Stone” – A Saibhrean ‘Drinking Song’

Although the history of the Saibhrean Isles has recorded much conflict between the various settlements as the various clans have vied for superiority, there are many more aspects of the island culture that unite the people than there have been reasons to fight one another. As the old Saibhrean saying goes, "by fist I rest, by song I rise," it's not uncommon for the same people to come to blows one day and join one another in song the next. Coming from the island of Talamor, but popular throughout all of the isles, one such song is "The Old Stone Wall", a 'drinking song' sung in chorus at most weddings, almost always accompanied by clapping and cheering.