“What Lingers in the Darkness” – A Poem from the World of El Tor

The Holy City of Torium, the new seat of the Torian Council, was founded upon the ruins of an ancient city, something it shares with most of the settlements centered around the land mass known as Caelon. Torium lies across Lago Nero, the enormous lake on the east side of the main peninsula where civilization thrives. To the east of Torium, no major ruins suitable for re-establishment have been discovered, thus making Torium among the furthest reaches of modern mankind. Since not much is known about the wilderness east of Torium, locals have taken the opportunity to create their own myths and urban legends about what lies to the east. Some claim that demons from the Third Age still roam… Continue reading “What Lingers in the Darkness” – A Poem from the World of El Tor

(Fantasy) Fifth Excerpt from “Cantar del Primer Hijo”

Continuing Cantar I of the epic poem of Cantar del Primer Hijo, (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4) the following lines describe the first major battle against a large demon with three heads. The significance of the battle is multiplied by the fact that the First Son, the leader of the band, was absent from the camp when the demon attacked.

(Fantasy) “Dances in the Sky” – a Song from the World of El Tor

(Fantasy) The life of King Alberto IV of Penderona was one of remarkable tragedy. Yet, despite the immense sadness that accompanied him, Alberto IV remains one of the most beloved kings in the entire history of Penderona. Statues of him adorn several locations within the city, with the most beautiful sculpture of him near the fountain at the central square. It depicts him holding the body of his wife the queen close to his breast, on the night she died without warning. However, the tragedy he experienced in his life did not end there.

(Fantasy) Fourth Excerpt from “Cantar del Primer Hijo”

(Fantasy) The first cantar (Cantar I - Fanfare of the Son) (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) from the greater work of “Cantar del Primer Hijo," the poet describes the arrival and swift departure of the First Son, the long lost mythical heir to the seat of El Tor. He gathered together a group of ten volunteers which later become known as the Ten Saints and set out into the wilderness with them with a goal of reconquering the land from the monsters that rule over it.

(Fantasy) “Just a Peasant Girl” a Sonnet from the Saibhrean Isles

(Fantasy) Bróccan the Bard, perhaps the most well-known traveling poet in the world, often used his renown to be able to approach subjects in his work that other less-known poets would have had trouble performing due to some of the taboo nature of the subject matter. However, because of his reputation and his charismatic approach to storytelling, Bróccan was often able to broach these subjects with relative impunity from would-be critics.