(Fantasy) Fourth Excerpt from “Cantar del Primer Hijo”

The first cantar (Cantar I – Fanfare of the Son) (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) from the greater work of “Cantar del Primer Hijo,” the poet describes the arrival and swift departure of the First Son, the long lost mythical heir to the seat of El Tor. He gathered together a group of ten volunteers which later become known as the Ten Saints and set out into the wilderness with them with a goal of reconquering the land from the monsters that rule over it.

While the group of men (and two boys and a woman) do not lack bravery, they quickly learn just how powerful the demons that prowl the land truly are.

Cantar del Primer Hijo
Gathered by campfire glow, the ten faithful servants did rest,
For soon their new combat training would be put to the test.
Though old stories of enormous beasts filled their memories
Their minds only focused on thoughts of the promised glories.
With mirth and excitement, in the presence of the great one,
Like children they bickered and boasted loudly to the Son.
Yet they knew not what tribulation would soon approach them,
The carnage, the blood, the vicious demons and the mayhem.

Standing at the edge of a cliff, the First Son watched for sign
Of any dark thing that might try to take them from behind.
Though the night was black and the only light was from the moon
The ten new companions sat joyfully singing a tune.
They knew not the dangers that hunted and stalked in the night
For if they did, then surely they would not be so alight.
But sometimes lessons are learned only through trial by fire
And so it was that it would come to pass through demon’s ire.

The ground shook with violence and the trees rustled loudly,
Fear grew in places where the chosen ten once stood proudly.
The echoes far off grew nearer, like lightning and thunder
And glee that was had moments before was torn asunder.
They gathered their weapons and then moved into formation
Though the devil that had found them now shook their foundation.
And the First Son was missing while seeds of danger were sown
For now at least, they would face the great beast all on their own.

Cantar II – Trials of the Ten (excerpt)

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