Cruising with a Four Year Old – Day 9: First Full Day at Sea

We spent the whole day at sea today. This was much needed and appreciated after yesterday’s big walk through Barcelona. It also served as good practice for when we finally leave land behind us after departing the Azores, in less than a week. I think it went well, though I know it will take some patience and resilience on all of our parts to cross the Atlantic. That’s the part of the trip that Andy told me there was “no way in hell” he would do it.

Declan has it easier than us. He has his kids club and the arcade, both of which he could easily spend all of his time in either one. As adults who don’t really intend to go crazy in the casino or several bars in the ship, we have it a little harder not getting stir crazy.

So, we decided today was a good time to spend some time doing sponsored events on board. Declan and I watched The Polar Express in the ship’s movie theater and, aside from the guy a few rows back hacking up a lung that shows up in every movie theater on the planet, that went well. We enjoyed it.

Jodie and Kiley went to an art auction that both were excited to attend. I think both were let down, however, because it was rather boring, apparently. Not to mention the piece that Jodie really likes wasn’t even shown at the auction. It probably would have been too expensive anyway, but it would have been nice for her to see it and learn how much it was worth.

Declan spend two sessions in his kids club today, which he enjoyed. Jodie and I both kind of got a headache and a little bit of a sore throat, but that was most likely due to the fact that I turned the heat up to dry my clothes faster. We both feel perfectly fine now.

The highlight of the day was dinner. We went to one of the nicer free restaurants onboard with Kiley and Rob and Ava, and the food was pretty good. They did swing dancing with the performers who do the big show on the ship. Apparently they were good, but I was seated facing away from them and our table was pretty far away, so really the music playing just kind of interrupted our conversations and made me ultra aware of how under-dressed I was for the place as others looked by me to see the show. Oops.

The food was pretty good and we were thankful to have this new option to eat instead of at the cafeteria where we eat far too often. However, the highlight was all about the kids. Declan sat next to Ava and held her hand throughout most of dinner. At one point, he asked, very politely, “Kiley, can you please pass me the bread?”

That, apparently, made a woman at the next table have renewed faith in humanity. She came over and had so many nice things to say about him and how we were doing a great job raising our kids, etc. That felt good. I appreciated those words. Sometimes in the mix and hard work of parenting you forget the how much you and your child have achieved together in raising them. I’m not trying to stroke my own ego, but it was nice to hear that.

Tomorrow it’s our last port day in Spain. We will be landing at the Andalusian port of Cadiz, awash with its Moorish architecture and influence. I’m looking forward to the oldest mercato in Spain, and the tapas they must contain in it. Still haven’t forgotten about the doner kebabs, however.

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  1. I couldn’t reply to day 9 for some reason so I’ll use this comment section. Glad you found a different place to eat. Are you supposed to dress up for that restaurant? Ugh. I also make a point of complimenting families if their children are well mannered. I know what it means to have someone be appreciated. Good for Declan. He’s awesome!

  2. That picture is so adorable. I can really see Jodie in his face. What a cute little couple they make! 🥰

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