Here We Go Again! (I’m Joining the Royal Road)

Well, it’s been a while. Last time I updated you, I was traveling the world. Since then, I have had a hard time deciding what to do next. I’m back in the saddle now and ready to share what’s next. In short, I’m joining the Royal Road.

First and foremost, I’ve done some research on the best ways to get my work out there. I’ve settled on a web community called Royal Road where a lot of hopeful writers share their work out there to hopefully start building a fan base. This is the part that I had hoped would have been achieved through organically building my blog, but the growth just wasn’t where it needed to be by posting here alone. I’ve also heard of other authors who got their start through this website as well as others like it, so I thought it was a good opportunity to take what I have, refine it, and start putting it out there.

I’ve decided to start with the first “book” of the Apostate Saint serial I created last year. Upon reviewing the work I put out on here, I’ve come to the conclusion that I already knew – the story needs re-written, as all good books do. That said, the story will follow an extremely similar structure. Some chapters, like the new Chapter 1 I just put out there today, will be completely re-written. Some will be revisited and edited by myself, but remain mostly intact how they were when I first posted here.

However, this is the point where I am going out on a ledge, out of my comfort zone and opening myself up to the general public. I picked this story because I feel like it has the most mass appeal – set in an alternate world Ancient Rome, multiple likeable characters, politics, action and other things that make up a good story. If I get a good response, perhaps I’ll consider my main series going out there too, but for now I’m holding Pancho’s Fall close to my chest.

If you are interested in supporting the growth of my presence on the Royal Road, here is the link to the just posted first chapter:

Support me here on Royal Road! (click)

Lastly, while my focus will change for my creative works, I will still maintain this website. I will be upgrading the infrastructure for the website here sometime in the coming weeks so that it’s less clunky and runs better, assuming I don’t run into issues with it.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again! (I’m Joining the Royal Road)”

  1. I believe in your books! You know that. The characters are always fully developed and have great backstoried. My most recent favorite character was Art. I always looked forward to the chapters where he was featured. I suppose the only constructive criticism I could offer is to write shorter chapters. This is mostly for the people who only have a few minutes to read at a time.

    I also think that you would be great at writing a blog about your life in general. Experiences before you married, as well as the ones you are having now with a wife and child. You have good insight into things and always add humor, which I love so much.

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