European Vacation with a Four Year Old: Day 5 – Naples & Pompeii

I am typing this from the first decently choppy night on the cruise ship after we left the port at Naples. The first night was a little rocky, but tonight there's considerably more wind and it's definitely noticeable and ever-present. It serves as a great reminder that mother nature is in charge, something that the people of this area are not likely to forget. Naples, though full of history and art and music, is a great city underneath the grittiness and grime that unfortunately pervades the cityscape here. From an outsider's perspective, the city looks run-down and dilapidated. Perhaps there's a lot of truth in that, but the people of Neopolis (literally "new city" in Greek) that I encountered wouldn't… Continue reading European Vacation with a Four Year Old: Day 5 – Naples & Pompeii

European Vacation Day 2: Ancient Rome with a Four Year Old

Here we are at the end of day two in Rome with our four year old. For many of those back home in the US, you probably are just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of your work day. For us, it's past 9pm and we are exhausted. The good kind of exhausted. Today was mostly awesome. We started our day with a guided tour of the Colosseum, the Capitoline Hill and then the Roman Forum. For me, this was outstanding. For Jodie, whose favorite subject in history is World War II, the latter part of the tour was just pretty good. For Declan, he loved the Colosseum and also chasing pigeons and seagulls away.… Continue reading European Vacation Day 2: Ancient Rome with a Four Year Old

Afterthoughts – The Apostate Saint, Rome & What Comes Next

Well, here we are. The first book of The Apostate Saint is now fully released on this site. I delivered a chapter once per week in a similar way to that of my first book - the novelization of The Oro Goro, that some of you may remember. I am happy with how the story is unfolding, and I am also pleased with the way that my writing structure has adapted to the weekly installments.

The Apostate Saint: Chapter 33 – And Then You’re Gone

Fridok stoked the fire, adjusting the freshly placed log so as to give the flames enough air flow to burn properly. The campsite had become a waiting place for those who remained - not all of whom were doing so with grace and patience. Fridok had practiced waiting patiently his whole life, so it was easy for him to remain calm while they waited for the Son and the others' return. Even Ervig was showing signs of nervousness, which didn't help the situation. Things had gotten so tense between those who remained that Bulgar had taken Xanthus out to practice archery a good distance away from the camp. That left Fridok stuck between the ever-agitated Ervig and Geilamir, whom Fridok had still not grown fully comfortable in his presence.

The Apostate Saint: Chapter 32 – Dal Segno al Coda

The road back to the City was littered with the occasional demon husk, which was in stark contrast to the way the road had been on their way away from the City. There had been at least three skirmishes - if you could call them that - that the Son must have fended off on his way to attempt to save Gailavira. Along with those poorly organized skirmishes, there were several lone demons that must have simply been looking for a quick meal before they met their ultimate end. Nothing would stand in the way of the Son and his mission, but Alaric was hopeful that they might have at least slowed his commander down enough for the four of them to catch up with him. Judging by the inhuman screams echoing through the canyon ahead, Alaric knew that his suspicions were correct.