Afterthoughts – The Apostate Saint, Rome & What Comes Next

Well, here we are. The first book of The Apostate Saint is now fully released on this site. I delivered a chapter once per week in a similar way to that of my first book - the novelization of The Oro Goro, that some of you may remember. I am happy with how the story is unfolding, and I am also pleased with the way that my writing structure has adapted to the weekly installments.

Update on Book Two & More

So, I wanted to give a brief update on the progress being made toward the sequel to Pancho's Fall, as well as the current progress for trying to get the book out there to publishers. I just wanted to highlight the current state of everything and a few of my additional thoughts, in order to clue you in a bit on the process. And, as everything worth doing is, it's definitely a process. But through processes that work, we can achieve anything.

New Blog Format & Schedule – Focus on Writing

Hello friends! I am happy to report that my book Oro Goro is now in proper status to allow some Alpha readers. You will likely recall that I used to post this book, one chapter at a time, to my blog each Friday. I have learned a lesson by doing this, and thus have hidden all of these posts. While I thought the posts were decent enough for a first draft, I realized that there was much more to the story that needed to be told once I began revisions. I have added several chapters and have fixed much on the other chapters that existed in the first draft. Now, the book is only available to be read as a… Continue reading New Blog Format & Schedule – Focus on Writing

Blog Break – Revisions and Editing for Oro Goro

Thanks for being a subscriber to my blog. As promised, my main goal for this blog has always been to share stories and thoughts, and to bring you along in the process while I flesh out and bring life to all the things I've wanted to finish but never got around to doing. I think I've been fairly successful thus far, at least in my own judgment. Most recently, I have shared the last chapter in the Oro Goro story, both in text and through the release of my final video.