Taking a blog break to write

Good afternoon.

As I have realized with raising a near two year old, working full time and living life, I have little time to write. In a perfect world, I would be able to write three to four hours a day no matter what, but unfortunately they don’t make the days 28 hours long. For the time being, I will be refocusing what time I normally spend writing blog posts on rewriting of Pancho’s Fall.

I completed my first draft of the first entry into my series more than two years ago, prior to the birth of my son Declan. As any parents can attest, being a good father means sacrifice and that means less personal time. Still, I completed my goal of getting the first draft out there before he was born to be able to be used as starting point for the series of rewrites I would make. Since then, I have focused on fleshing out the world of Caelon and the surrounding landmasses in public through my weekly blog entries.

I have come to the point where I have sufficient enough worldbuilding fleshed out to make another draft, this time significantly more alive. The first draft got the bones of the story structure and the characters where they needed to be. The second draft will bring these characters and these places to life. Once this new draft is complete, I will see where to go from that point. I expect there could be at least one more major revision draft after this one, but after that I think it will be more about tweaking the chapters and making every word count.

I am not ready to have the story read at this time, but perhaps when I’m done with this draft I will see about some very early alpha readers. We will see.

Until then, see you!

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  1. I look forward to reading your book once it is released. Congratulations for keeping at it even when time is so limited.

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