Blog Break – Revisions and Editing for Oro Goro

Hi all!

Thanks for being a subscriber to my blog. As promised, my main goal for this blog has always been to share stories and thoughts, and to bring you along in the process while I flesh out and bring life to all the things I’ve wanted to finish but never got around to doing. I think I’ve been fairly successful thus far, at least in my own judgment. Most recently, I have shared the last chapter in the Oro Goro story, both in text and through the release of my final video.

For those who have shared their kind words with me about the story, I want to thank you very much. As it is literally set within my own world, with myself and some of my closest friends as the main characters, it is therefore a very personal story to me. I enjoyed writing it very much, and it has been a joy of mine to re-explore that snapshot of my life.

With that said, I will repeat once again that the job is not yet done for me. I fully intend to shop the story around, and see what’s possible for it, but I will not be able to do it without a complete look at the story in its entirety. It’s around 54K words at present, which puts it in the short novel category, and that market is extremely competitive.

I’m going to take a three week hiatus from my regular blog posting so I can use what time I normally write to re-write, tighten up and improve the story I have here on my blog. I do not foresee any major structural changes as I’ve been living with the story structure in my head for the last 6 years and I achieved that in the first draft here. But still, every story worth telling is worth a scrupulous amount of editing, which will fall on me this time.

Stick tight, however, because once I’m done and back to posting, I’ll finally be ready to bring you face-first into the World of El Tor, the fantasy setting I’ve been fleshing out on my blog for months now. Hopefully I will be able to tell the story in the same, serialized format I told the Oro Goro story.

On the off-chance you happen to know any literary agents looking for short horror novels, or have any other connections to the publishing world and would like to share, please let me know! Otherwise, the search will commence in a few weeks once I’ve tightened up the manuscript.


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