I’m Back

I've returned from my long hiatus. It took me a long time to get my hosting set back up, but I've come back with good news. First, I freshened up the look of the site. The old one was fine, but I didn't like the way it felt coming back into it. The new look is here to help give the site better direction and a professional look, while still being true to who I am. 

New Blog Format & Schedule – Focus on Writing

Hello friends! I am happy to report that my book Oro Goro is now in proper status to allow some Alpha readers. You will likely recall that I used to post this book, one chapter at a time, to my blog each Friday. I have learned a lesson by doing this, and thus have hidden all of these posts. While I thought the posts were decent enough for a first draft, I realized that there was much more to the story that needed to be told once I began revisions. I have added several chapters and have fixed much on the other chapters that existed in the first draft. Now, the book is only available to be read as a… Continue reading New Blog Format & Schedule – Focus on Writing

Blog Break – Revisions and Editing for Oro Goro

Thanks for being a subscriber to my blog. As promised, my main goal for this blog has always been to share stories and thoughts, and to bring you along in the process while I flesh out and bring life to all the things I've wanted to finish but never got around to doing. I think I've been fairly successful thus far, at least in my own judgment. Most recently, I have shared the last chapter in the Oro Goro story, both in text and through the release of my final video.

The Only 3 Actions to Take When You See a Post You Don’t Like on Facebook

Can you believe the nerve of that person? How can they even think they are anywhere near correct about their opinion, when they post something THAT radical on Facebook? Clearly, this is a good example of how the media corrupts minds to fulfill an agenda. No sane person rooted in the same reality in which you live would EVER think something like that was honestly a good thing to do. It's pure evil, that's what it is. So, what should you do? Here are the only three actions you must take to deal with these kinds of posts, followed by the number one thing you should NEVER do.

3 Types of Teachers Who May Be Aliens in Disguise

You've had your suspicions from the first day you entered the classroom or logged on for remote learning. There's just something off about your teacher, right? Maybe you're just imagining things, but maybe you are not. The number of signs you have noticed about your teacher that just don't seem quite like normal human behavior absolutely should alarm you, and it's vital that you pay close attention to these things - your teacher may very well be from another planet in disguise.