“Three Swords, Three Fates” (Poem)

Continuing the exploration into the Ten Saints who followed the First Son on his crusade against the demons of the land, today we highlight the three swordsmen of the original band. Perhaps the best way to do this is by simply presenting the poem that best describes the legend of the three swordsmen, "Three Swords, Three Fates" - which was written some 300 years after their first journey from the White Walled City.

(Fantasy) “Dances in the Sky” – a Song from the World of El Tor

(Fantasy) The life of King Alberto IV of Penderona was one of remarkable tragedy. Yet, despite the immense sadness that accompanied him, Alberto IV remains one of the most beloved kings in the entire history of Penderona. Statues of him adorn several locations within the city, with the most beautiful sculpture of him near the fountain at the central square. It depicts him holding the body of his wife the queen close to his breast, on the night she died without warning. However, the tragedy he experienced in his life did not end there.

“Warm Your Cold Arms” a Sonnet from the Saibhrean Isles

There were many factors in the time and setting that likely would have had an effect on Bróccan the Bard's poetry, and not smallest among them was a plague that devastated nearly 20% of the population of the Saibhread Isles, spreading to many cities in Caelon as well, before it ultimately subsided. The toll it took on the people in that day was extraordinary. Statistically speaking, nearly everybody lost someone they loved, and not least among them was Bróccan, who lost an older sister when he was just a child to the disease.