“Three Swords, Three Fates” (Poem)

Continuing the exploration into the Ten Saints who followed the First Son on his crusade against the demons of the land, today we highlight the three swordsmen of the original band. Perhaps the best way to do this is by simply presenting the poem that best describes the legend of the three swordsmen, “Three Swords, Three Fates” – which was written some 300 years after their first journey from the White Walled City.

“Three Swords, Three Fates”

Three swords, three fates. Three men in arms set out on their journey.
Through lands untamed, on the hopeless path of desolation.
Three men whose arms were raised victorious in the tourney,
When the First Son returned to usher in our salvation.

First was Lord Geilamir, son of Rogamir, House Horan,
Bravest and boldest was he, never one to miss a fight.
Next was Alaric of House Olenia, swift and strong,
And last was Fridok, who swore no oath but for on that night.

Their perilous journeys would take them all both near and far,
And their legends forged from battles now sung in temple halls,
Though they were matched in skill, their lives would follow different stars.
So Geilamir, against the monstrous beast, though brave did fall.

When journey came to end for the remaining two heroes,
And blood and fighting were now ransomed for praise and glory.
Alaric’s sword was hung high, casting light and deep shadows.
But no one now knows the end of houseless Fridok’s story.

Three swords, three fates. Three men in arms who live on in legend.
One sword passed down from king to king’s son, in precious keeping.
One sword put underground, buried at its brave master’s end.
One sword gone, to one day return at the demon’s creeping.

Traditional, Unknown author

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