In the Wee Small Hours – Short Story

In the still of the night, as the crickets’ chorus crescendoed and slowed to a scarcely recognizable tune, the cold air crept onto the property of Charles Douglas. The peaceful silence, which had always been the best salve for his tired and restless body, came upon him as it had most nights. At 87 years old, Charles appreciated every ounce of sleep his mind would allow. After all, Charles had seen more shit in his lifetime than anyone else he knew, and that made him an angry old man, unloved by everyone with whom he came into contact in the few times a week he would venture to show his face in public. But that was the way he preferred it; if he didn’t make any new friends, he would never have to lose them in one tragedy or another.

Story Assignment – Web Comic

In Scrum, it's important that developers communicate when they are working on stories. (Stories are the fully-broken down chunks of work that are put into the Sprint Backlog.) When a developer starts working on a story, they need to indicate in some way that they have assigned themselves that work, or else there is a risk that another developer might start working on the same story without knowing it's already being worked.