Caslin: A Queendom with an Eye for Architecture

In the Northeast tip of Caelon, just north of the land bridge connecting to Secessia, lies the Queendom of Caslin. Known for its own exquisite architecture, Caslin has seen many of its native sons transforming the architectural landscape of Caelon and Secessia throughout the years.

Beginning Where Others Left Off

The Queendom of Caslin, like a majority of other kingdoms throughout the land, is a city kingdom founded on the remains of a past civilization. What makes Caslin unique is the repository of ancient diagrams and blueprints that were found within the remarkably well preserved buildings on the site.

One of the earliest architects of the new age was Vedillo Suarez, a young noble who set out from the White Walled City with a caravan of pilgrims to discover lost artifacts and structures to begin to piece together what he could about the past civilizations. After spending time in a few of the other already re-discovered places in the continent, he ultimately settled in the coastal city we now know as Caslin.

Caslin, which was eventually named after Queen Casli Morcillo, the first monarch of the region, began drawing in like-minded students of architecture once Vedillo Suarez returned to the White Walled City with the architectural artifacts that he discovered. Along with a healthy base of willing students, Suarez interpreted the designs contained within and began reconstruction of the coastal city in its original style.

When Torium on the Sea was founded by the defeated Torians, it brought in many skilled architects from Caslin to help design the city. Because of this, the architecture of Caslin has become a thing of legend.

A Long Line of Queens

From the very first day of rule until now, the power of Caslin has been transferred from queen to her oldest daughter. Like with most of the other earliest established realms, Queen Morcillo claimed direct lineage from the figure known as the First Son. Like many others with similar heritage, she was reported to have possessed supernatural powers. Specifically, she claimed to have inherited the ability to remember everything she learned, and could reportedly bend the very ground around her to her will. Because of this, she was feared and respected as a ruler.

After passing away at the extremely old age of 119, she passed the line of the kingdom onto her third child, her 81 year-old daughter Elo, the only one of the three who still remained alive at that time. While it was not known if it was specifically intended by Queen Caslin for the line to continue through oldest living daughters, it became a veritable fact after Queen Elo passed along the queenship to her daughter Elica after her oldest son had died in battle against Bjergmænd skirmishers in the Sea north of Caslin.

Ever since then, the expectation has remained that the queens shall birth queens, and it has thus remained until this day.

Rich, Thriving Culture in a Tumultuous World

Owing much of their success to their exquisite, elaborate architecture, as well as their location – with direct trade routes with all of the Saibhrean Isles and nearness to the land bridge between Caelon and Secessia, as well as the fairly well respected legal system and stated neutrality among Torian-held realms, Caslin has earned much renown throughout the land.

Despite sociopolitical tensions with other kingdoms, a looming threat of Warathi conquest and a remaining worry of attacks by Bjergmænd pirates, it is indeed a thriving, golden era for the Queendom.

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