How to Make a Good New Year Resolution

Here we are again, at the end of one year, hopeful and ready to greet a new one. It is no secret that this year was a hard one for a lot of people. More than three times as many people reported feeling depressed during the pandemic, when compared to prior to the start of it. Along with that, we saw an increase in the amount of binge drinking and other substance abuse during the year. Unsurprisingly, the obesity rate has also risen significantly during this very tough year. It was a very tough year for mental and physical and even spiritual health, and even though the new year is about to start, we're not out of the woods yet. Now that the new year is about to begin, have you already set a resolution for yourself? How can you ensure that this new year resolution will work? Are you ready to make the commitment to yourself? Here are some ideas on how to establish good habits and get the most out of the new you that you will make, one day at a time this new year.

Four Ways Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a Perfect Metaphor for Americans in the Pandemic

Any gamer who plays Fall Guys will be aware of the panic-inducing mayhem that is in store for them during each round. All of us under the oppressive grip of a worldwide pandemic, we naturally can't help but notice some strong similarities between the way the game is played and the world outside. Below are five reasons why Fall Guys makes such a good metaphor for the world in America during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Seeds of Racism in America and the Confederate Statues

It seems today that there is a lot of cloudiness in terms of American history, and there are a lot of emotions coming to the forefront as currency for the social strife. Because the nation is so polarized, it's fair to say that in general, on one side tensions are high because enough is enough and the time for addressing racism and police brutality is now. On the other side, people feel as if their very heritage is being attacked, or even that their way of life is being bombarded by enemies. If you find yourself standing firmly on either one of these sides, it is likely you feel very strongly that the other side is clearly in the wrong. While it's okay to feel strongly about your convictions, but in times of social tension like this, it's also important to think about past precedents and the heavy toll of the disagreements between sides in our country.

Americans: Three Reasons to Ditch Cable News

In 2020, Cable News is as American as apple pie. On both sides of the political fence, opinion pundits have taken over as the most trusted forms of information, at least for the older generations. If you have found yourself more agitated and angry the older you get, perhaps it's time to consider what might be causing these feelings of resentment and discomfort. It's very possible that simply cutting out the cable news channels in your life could see a dramatic improvement on your outlook, temperament and mental health. Here are five reasons why you should cut that cord forever.