European Vacation with a Four Year Old – Day 6: Livorno

So, it has been a full week from the time we first left on our vacation. It’s moved fast, but it didn’t really start to lose steam a little until today. Perhaps it is because the clothes we packed are starting to dwindle as we wait for the special laundry service day when the cruise ship will only cost us 30ish dollars instead of hundreds for a full load. Perhaps it’s because Livorno is a beautiful port city that is dead because of the season and because it’s a Sunday. Maybe it’s because we are conditioned to have no longer than one of vacation at a time and our homesickness is starting to seep in. It’s probably all of those things, but that doesn’t change how much I appreciate getting this opportunity.

To be fair, we could have forked over a good amount of money to get up to Pisa to take that picture. But we know that after the picture was done, it would be another train or bus ride followed by a shuttle ride back to the port and all we would really have to show for it is a cool picture. Granted, I would have loved that picture, but I thought it was prudent to actually have some time to slow down a bit and let everyone’s feet take a break. So, we didn’t do Pisa, and we definitely didn’t do Florence because there is no way to actually appreciate that city in a few hours. We just bussed into Livorno and walked around a little bit.

Livorno would be a beautiful city to explore when it’s alive and bustling. If I ever get the chance to come back, I’ll definitely try and do it when it’s a warmer season.

Today wasn’t a bust though. It did serve my intended purpose of using it to get a few things done. Like laundry. Life hack style.

We don’t have access to a washing machine or dryer to clean our clothes by ourselves, but we do have a tiny shower, and Jodie brought those detergent sheets. I used one of those and some free body wash and shampoo and pooled up the water in the shower to clean some of my clothes really well. Then I rinsed them really well and wrung them out as much as possible, before hanging them up. There may not be enough room for me to clean all of my clothes at once, but I got a good amount done. Like I said, it’s a life hack that will get us through until the first special laundry day.

The highlight of my day was actually an event I took Declan to down at the big screen in the atrium. They were having a Nintendo Switch Sports event where little kids were able to play. Declan was the youngest kid there, but let me tell you – he absolutely trounced the other kids (6 and up) when he played them. It was awesome seeing how good he really is at playing games.

So, nothing too crazy awesome happened today, but it was still a good day, and our last full day in Italy. Tomorrow we are going to be in Marseille, France, and it will be a shorter time at port. We have an event scheduled with Kiley and Rob and Ava, to learn how to make pastries. It should be fun, probably pretty similar to how we did the pasta in Rome.

2 thoughts on “European Vacation with a Four Year Old – Day 6: Livorno”

  1. It looks like they have their Christmas decorations up too. Those lazy days will be appreciated and everyone gets homesick. Three weeks is longer than usual but when you relive it all it will seem so much shorter. Have fun!

  2. I’m sure I’d hand wash my laundry in the shower the exact same way. Our parents taught us how to be frugal and I think it’s one of the best things parents can teach their children, along with how to be compassionate and kind.

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