(Fantasy) Munos – The Half-Sunken City

In the southwestern part of Caelon, in Warathi-controlled country, on the peninsula west of the Holy City of Denegaz known as God’s Grip, there lies a coastal town named Munos. Like many of the cities on Caelon, Munos was built upon the foundation of a great ancient city. However, due to the devastation brought about by General Tonsior during the Gifted Wars, known as “La Inundación” (the Deluge), much of the original city now lies in ruins underwater, lost to the unending flow of time.

Warathi Rule

Much like the many other settlements in Southern Caelon, the city of Munos was re-founded as a Torian settlement some time after the crusade of the First Son, but was ultimately brought under Warathi rule once their conquest had gone into full swing.

The city, which has hosts approximately 22,000 inhabitants, is one of the most important ports for the Warathi empire, along with Dorleng, Khar, Sheigh and the capital of Denegaz.

Similar to other Warathi establishments, Munos is ruled by a sultan under the caliph of Denegaz. Through the sultan, the city pays tribute to Denegaz, but that tribute is collected from the wealth of the sultan, which comes from taxation of the citizens. As is customary throughout the empire, Denegaz does not add additional taxation on top of local taxes, and notably sets and enforces hard caps of taxation that the local rulers are allowed to collect, as to prevent monetary corruption, one of the High Sins of the Warathi Code.

While the Warathi Code is often seen as oppressive by Torian standards, the over-all level of happiness and well-being inside the Warathi Empire tends to be consistently higher than in the Torian establishments. Munos is no exception.

The Underwater Palace

As mentioned above, much of the original city now lies under the ocean. What makes Munos particularly special is that the sultan’s palace, an enormous and intricately built structure that has survived remarkably well through the millennia, now lies half under water itself, an incredible testament to its original engineering.

The dome of the palace juts out from the water, with an opening at the top that allows royals to go in and out of the building at will. Inside, the entire structure has survived through the ages and remains protected from the water that surrounds it. Scribes who have studied the history of the city claim that this palace was originally built to withstand enormous tidal waves, which the original inhabitants believed were going to one day bring about their destruction.

Because of this, the underwater palace has many large chambers where perhaps townspeople would have been gathered in case of such calamity. The chambers are now used to store valuables, as well as historically significant artifacts. Twice a year, faithful, law-abiding citizens are invited to tour the museum to see the wonders of the remnants of the past.


Because Munos is a port city, much of their trading is done by sea vessel. However, trade by caravan up the coast of God’s Grip and to the more inland cities and towns of Caelon is common as well.

Munosi tradesman do business with Torians, primarily by proxy of the Saibhrean Isles, who then in turn trade the goods in the North. Because of the conflict between the Warathi Empire and the Torian North, direct land trade is not common between Munos and Torian cities on Caelon.

Conversely, Torian goods are purchased at a premium via established trade routes with the Saibhrean Isles, with whom the Warathi have never gone to war.

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