How Important is a Morning Routine to You?

The benefits of having a morning routine have been well-documented, but not everybody in the workforce allots time prior to beginning work to do a morning routine. I personally know several people who roll right out of bed, make their way to their computer just in time for their Daily Scrum/stand-up meeting. Meanwhile, there are others who have been awake by that point for several hours. Even if you are not employed, many people find having a morning routine to be vital to the structure of their day. My question for you is: how important is a morning routine to you?

Morning Routine Types

There are a lot of ways to come out of sleep and begin your day. Some of them are more common, others are uncommon, others are significantly more rare and not really practiced by most people. Here’s a few from each category:

Common Morning Routines

  • Drinking coffee or tea
  • Eating a quick breakfast
  • Reading news or emails
  • Scrolling through social media
  • Playing apps on the phone
  • Showering

Uncommon Morning Routines

  • Working out or going for a morning walk
  • Making and eating a proper breakfast
  • Creating a checklist for the day
  • Making your bed
  • Prayer/Devotional
  • Stock market/articles and technical analysis

Rare Morning Routines

  • Meditation
  • Cold showers
  • Visualization practices to attain desired outcomes
  • Light therapy
  • Reading inspiring literature
  • Giving yourself a pep-talk in the mirror

There are a lot of different types of morning routines, some that are more common than others and others that wildly successful people swear by that could seem eccentric by normal standards. What about you? What kinds of things do you do in the morning, if anything? Are you a “wake up when I want to wake up” type of person, a “I have to do this no matter what every morning” type of person, or someone in between?

I’m interested in hearing what other kinds of morning routines you have, and whether there are any that didn’t make the lists I provided above. Let me know!

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