(Fantasy) Local Myths and Legends of Caelon Part 1

All across Caelon and the surrounding areas, there are myths and legends shared by the common people that have taken on a life of their own. Ranging from stories of mysterious caves to legends of people with extraordinary abilities to incredible creatures who lurk just outside the bulwarks of civilization, these myths have captivated the imagination and wonder of the people.

Many of the stories told throughout the land have roots in the mythology of the religion and history of the world. Most people believe that before the current age of mankind, there was an age where terrifying monsters were rampant across the land, only to be routed out by the historical and mythological figure of The First Son (see here for an example of the source material taught to children). People also typically believe that prior to the age of monsters was a golden age of mankind, when the first civilization was built and mankind had extraordinary abilities that are now lost to time. As such, the stories told in the myths and legends across the land reverberate with these traditional stories.

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Gorzova – The Man Who Could Talk to Animals

Famously depicted in the timeless poem “Beast Brother” by the minstrel Ildefonso Arimir, a man by the name of Juan Julian who allegedly shepherded an enormous flock of livestock and other animals throughout the region. The story goes that he was the son of a famous blacksmith who became a lord through his craftsmanship, and one day he was told by his father to slaughter a lamb and prepare it for that night’s dinner. The boy refused, breaking the blade meant to perform the kill by slamming a blacksmith hammer against it. When reprimanded, he then opened the gates and let all of the animals out, abandoning his home with them.

The locals have passed on the story throughout the region, saying that the reason why Juan Julian refused to kill the lamb was because he heard it beg for its life, in his own tongue. Legend has it that the boy could speak to all animals, and that because of this, he became a wandering shepherd, freeing other animals as he went, and crossing great distances. The sightings of Juan Julian’s great flock were said to bring great luck, as long your livestock was not taken to join the herd. Supposedly, Juan Julian and his flock spent much of their time in the mountains south of Gorzova, where he lived out his days.

Caslin – The Heart Eater

In the Caslin region in northeast Caelon, one of the local myths that people share surrounds a grotesque series of phenomena that have seen various corpses of animals and even townspeople and guards left dead, chest cavity opened and heart missing entirely. Because of the serious nature of the killings, as well as the fact that nobody has personally seen the act committed by whatever animal or person is responsible, the legend has been established that a horrendous monster is behind the murders.

Investigators have not been able to establish the murder weapon if the killer is a person, or the means of killing if an animal is responsible. Thus, even investigators have taken to calling the responsible party the “heart eater”, a term coined by the local laymen. The myth has lasted over a few hundred years, according to records, but it was not until the last few decades that human victims began to appear. In every case, the heart is nowhere to be found, leading people to believe that whatever is committing the crimes against nature consumes the heart, leaving the rest of the corpse untouched.

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