Shaking things up & Entering the World of El Tor

I am excited to announce that I am ready to begin giving readers glimpses into the fantasy world that until now has only been on my computer and in my head.

However, that will mean there will be some changes with the format of this blog going forward. Typically I’ve been doing the following schedule for posts for the past few weeks:
Mondays: “Thought Backlog” web comic entry
Tuesdays: Traditional blog post based on whatever I feel is necessary for me to say
Wednesdays: Wildcard writing, has been two-sentence horror stories for the past three weeks
Thursdays: Throwback Thursdays, usually this means an old Fiesta Studios video I want to share
Fridays: “Oro Goro” story chapter entry

While I think it was a pretty good mixed bag of all the things in my head, I feel strongly that it’s time to enter the world that’s consumed my imagination for over two years now. So, I believe it’s time for me to shake things up here on the blog and focus more on getting what’s in my head out for the world to see. It’s a very personal thing for me to share this, but that was always the goal and now is the time.

With all that said, I’ve made the decision to temporarily shelf my web comic’s regular schedule, and moving forward this blog will have a heavier focus on actually showing you what I’ve got to show you.

After all, the web comic itself was designed to show the aspects of my mind, while writing a novel. It dealt with the different emotions that I feel as a writer, and how they play into the creation of a book. While it was and is still fun to have that light-hearted approach to it, it made me realize that too much time was being spent writing about writing about writing and not enough time simply baring all to see.

So here we go: let’s try this new format for the schedule and see how it sticks!

Mondays: Character profiles, world history & location profiles – world building artifacts to introduce you to the who and the what, which will ultimately enrich your experience when my book sits in your hands one day.

Tuesdays: Blog post about different tools I use, or highlighting techniques, or tips for other aspiring writers for creating their best work

Wednesdays: Wildcard writings – could be anything, but will still most likely be more fantasy-themed, for instance, songs and poems that exist in the World of El Tor

Thursdays: Throwback Thursdays – This is still a fun break day for me, to work on things in the background, while also greasing the wheels for Friday’s storytime. Fiesta Studios is the YouTube channel I ran for many years, with which I first produced the videos with “The Oro Goro,” so I feel it is still fitting to take a look back where I have been prior to bringing you back to the novelization of that story.

Fridays: Chapter entry. Right now, that means “The Oro Goro” – but in the future that will mean the next story I’m writing, which is in the World of El Tor. Keep in mind these are all un-edited and may not be in their final form, in case they get properly edited and released one day.

So, that’s my plan. Time to bring this blog into focus and get this ball rolling. I apologize for those of you who actually enjoy reading the web comics. One day I’d love to come back to them, but for now I don’t want to commit more of my time talking about how hard it is to write, when I could just be actually writing.

Thank you!

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