Vanity and the Ancient: Concerning the Second Age

The civilization centered on and around Caelon we know today was built on the remains of a vibrant and ancient world, one more far-reaching and expansive than many people realize. The ancient societies of mankind were said to have spread far and wide, far beyond the reaches of modern man in his attempts to rebuild. Although the bones of their cities still stand, the knowledge they gathered and the technology they used now are lost to the ever-flowing stream of time. What hints of the past still remain are closely-guarded secrets in libraries and treasure troves kept by the rulers of the modern world. However, there are a few important discoveries that have been made in time, that give us a glimpse of what life used to be like before the Fall of Man.

The Gifted Wars – 32 Years of Bitter Feuds (Part X)

Following the incident in the waters near Penderona that saw General Tonsior receive his first major defeat in the war, the Torian forces had no choice but to regroup back at the capital and prepare for a campaign on land. The battles up along the coast had been overwhelmingly successful until the sea battle of Penderona, which saw forces from the Saibhrean Isles come to the aid of their allies in Penderona. Even though the loss was tremendous, Tonsior's forces took back with them Baron Siabahn, the leader of Penderona as their captive. Soon, the stage would be set for the final leg of 32 years of conflict on Caelon.

The Gifted Wars – 32 Years of Bitter Feuds (Part IX)

By the early part of the year 69 A4, the army led by General Tonsior had rested and replenished from its campaign in the land to the South, now known as the Southern Tribelands. In Caelon, the Torian control of the settlements continued to deteriorate until less than half of the settlements continued their subservience to the Torian seat of power. The idea spread across the land like a wildfire that possessing the Gifts of the First Son gave governors a birthright to stake out their own kingdoms. The Torian Empire was now in hasty decline, and the council was now desperate for good news. General Tonsior strategized that utilizing the vast fleet of Torian ships against the far less-developed navies of the newly formed kingdoms would be the key to their success.

The Gifted Wars – 32 Years of Bitter Feuds (Part VIII)

All across Caelon, regional governors who headed settlements in all of the reclaimed ancient cities began seceding against Torian rule. The Torian council, in desperation, in the year 68 A4, ordered the return of General Tonsior, perhaps the most well-known and highest feared master of the Gifts. Until that time, General Tonsior and the Great Torian Army had been assigned to quell the threats in the South, in the land now commonly known as the Southern Tribelands. The return of the general and his army would not only usher in the bloodiest major conflict of man-on-man warfare in the Age of Kings, it would also unexpectedly result in the eventual conquering of the White Walled City by the Warathi forces, and the ultimate defeat of the Torian Empire.

The Gifted Wars – 32 Years of Bitter Feuds (Part VII)

The atmosphere in Caelon in the late 50s and the entire decade of the 60s A4 became more and more tense as the idea of there being an inherent right to ascend to royalty by possessing the Holy Blood of the First Son. After King Moro won his rite to secede through combat and Queen Casli claimed her queendom through diplomacy, the land was abuzz with the spark that would enflame the land in revolt against the strict rule of the White Walled City. While some governors would try to win their titles through combat, and be denied the opportunity, the majority of the regional leaders at this time wanted to talk their way into royal status the same as Queen Casli. All would fail to do so, leading to the bloodiest chapter of the Gifted Wars - called The Refusals.