Vanity and the Ancient: Concerning the Second Age

The civilization centered on and around Caelon we know today was built on the remains of a vibrant and ancient world, one more far-reaching and expansive than many people realize. The ancient societies of mankind were said to have spread far and wide, far beyond the reaches of modern man in his attempts to rebuild. Although the bones of their cities still stand, the knowledge they gathered and the technology they used now are lost to the ever-flowing stream of time. What hints of the past still remain are closely-guarded secrets in libraries and treasure troves kept by the rulers of the modern world. However, there are a few important discoveries that have been made in time, that give us a glimpse of what life used to be like before the Fall of Man.

Architecture Renewed

Queen Casli and the famous architect Vedillo Suarez are often hailed as two of the most important figures of early years of the Age of Kings. Among their many accomplishments, none stands out as great as their successful restoration of the city to the remarkable state in which it now stands. It is said that they discovered texts and blue prints in the city as they claimed it that were able to be translated and utilized as a basis for the restoration. This discovery led Caslin to become instrumental in the further restoration of the major holds of Caelon, as well as the design of the Holy City of Torium.

The building designs that were found were mastered by the disciples of Vedillo Suarez, who still carry on his legacy to this day through the Architectural Preservation and Restoration Society. While the buildings they restored and new buildings they designed based on the old designs can be seen all throughout the land today, it’s said that the full potential of the buildings as they stood thousands of years ago still has not been reached by any architecture of the modern world.

There seems to be an element in the old designs that cannot be explained or replicated in today’s reconstruction, what some scholars theorize is actually an energy source that gave many buildings additional functionality and defense that is not possible with today’s technology. Still, the Architectural Society claims to be researching this and hopes to one day unlock the mysteries of the past constructions.

Wars Fought Long Ago

There are several references in translated texts and artwork that refer to grand-scale battles that would have happened during the Age of Vanity of Mankind. For all of their social and technological advancements, the Second Age was apparently not free of the same violence that still plagues the world of man today.

According to many original texts, the ancient world was filled with many cities and cultures, spreading far and wide. Many of these groups saw themselves as the one true society, the rightful inheritors of the world who could take mankind into the future better than any of their contemporaries. They were so fervent in their beliefs that they were willing to go to war with their neighbors in order to press their claim, something that echoes today in our war with the Warathi.

Many of the battles of the ancient world are mentioned in the Book of El Tor, the Torian holy text. The author also claims that one of the greatest battles, referred to as the Battle of the Giants, was one of the leading causes for the God of Names to deem those outside of the White Walled City too dangerous to be left to their own devices.

New Commandments Broken

Directly preceding the catastrophe now known as The Fall of Man which ushered in the Third Age, the Age of Monsters, agents of El Tor were said to have visited all of the cities of the ancient world, giving each of them a message directly from the First Man. They were to lay down their weapons, destroy all of their monuments that glorified themselves above the God of Names, and return sovereignty to El Tor.

We do not know if any complied with this decree. The Book of El Tor simply says that the new commandments were not heeded, and thus the civilizations of mankind had doomed themselves.

It is said that the powers and weaponry of the White Walled City were decommissioned and destroyed as well, forbidding any of that technology from being used again due to its intrinsic destructive power which was said to be an abomination against everything the God of Names demanded of mankind.

We cannot know if any societies from ancient time survived the initial fall. We do, however, know that demons prowled the land for thousands of years before the First Son launched his crusade to take back the world. If any societies survived, it is unlikely that they would have been able to protect themselves forever, being so far from the safety of the White Walled City.

Still, there are some who claim that survivors of the Fall still exist, far from Caelon. Perhaps we will never know.

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