What is the Bechdel Test?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes in films and tv shows, when two women are on screen together, they tend to talk about men? Whether it bothers you or not, you're definitely not the only one to notice this phenomenon. Back in 1985, there was a comic strip by American cartoonist Alison Bechdel that called out the normalization of this phenomenon in modern cinema. The three-part "test" explained in the comic strip was that one character of the strip would only see a movie if 1) there are two women in the movie who 2) talk to each other about 3) something other than a man. The punchline was that it was so rare for this to happen that hardly any movies passed the test. Because this strip's message became so popular, the Bechdel Test was named in her honor.

The Gifted Wars – 32 Years of Bitter Feuds (Part VI)

The peninsula of Caelon lit up with civil war as more and more of the early settlements fought for their independence from the rule of the Torian command. These lordships were largely successful following the unprecedented success of the newly formed Kingdom of Ismar and Caslin, under King Eldrio Moro. Through military might and super-human battle prowess, these descendants of the First Son began pressing claims of autonomy and largely finding success in the endeavor. While the main military force was tied up in the area now known as the Southern Tribelands combatting a threat to the peninsula, many holds faced minimal resistance from the Torians. While most of these newly proclaimed kingdoms were met by soldiers of the White Walled City at their doorstep, there was one hold that won their independence through wits alone. And the result was not a kingdom at all, but a queendom.

“Relief from All Suffering” – A Prayer to Saint Gailavira

Through the vast history of Caelon, there is no more well-known symbol of healing than the outstretched arm of Lady Gailavira, the mender. Of the original companions of the First Son, known today as the Ten Saints, Gailavira's legacy has traveled far and wide throughout the years, with portraits and statues in her honor in many cities throughout the land. But what makes Saint Gailavira such a revered figure in the lore of both Torian and Warathi beliefs?