#TBT – Public Service Announcement

So, as mentioned in the video, there was a short period of time during the productive time of making YouTube videos in high school that James got injured and couldn’t be a part of any videos. Unfortunately, I can’t link all of the videos that followed in that sequence because YouTube decided to kill the audio on two of them. I used copyrighted songs on those videos, and some time after these videos were published and the original footage was lost, they decided to just remove all of the audio from the video. The biggest loss from that was a video called “Friend Auditions” where we auditioned a bunch of our other friends out to replace James in the videos. The winner that Justin and I picked ended up being a shop vac. I’ll link the one surviving video next week for that reference.


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  1. Ok, so you almost made me cry on that one, Andrew. Seeing your young teenage face, seeing our beloved old home, and then of course “Matt’s song” …… Come Sail Away. Oh my gosh, this was my favorite post yet. You meant it to be funny, but the feelings of nostalgia hit me hard! I’m so glad you always recorded so much video. These memories are so precious to us now. Love you!

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