#TBT TransWorks Weekend Support

Years ago when I was support team leader at TransWorks, I made a little video showing how dedicated I was to fixing any issues that would arise, even on the weekends. Obviously, the video is completely true. You can see me running the entire way to work, so that’s proof enough for you.

This was definitely the norm back then, and is was a great way to get exercise to boot.

The video is actually an homage to a much older video I made with the original crew of Fiesta Studios, called “Come Over” in which I just ran over to James’ house. I don’t feel the need to link that one, this one was better executed in every way. It’s still fun for me to watch and I think my coworker Charlie did an awesome job in it. I think it would be fun to do more videos with him one day.

Anyway, enjoy!

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