The Founding of Torium

After the Gifted Wars reached their conclusion, several factors brought the remainder of the Torian Empire closer to the edge of destruction. Losing direct control over nearly half of the Torian-founded settlements on Caelon to new monarchies primed the government of the White Walled City for an eventual takeover by outside forces. For nearly 400 years, the Torian government saw decline as more and more cities came to prominence, decentralizing the trade and lowering the intrinsic value of a capital city. While the Torian forces would be ultimately conquered and removed from their home, the ancient seat of El Tor, the remnants of the once-great society still survive across the great Lago Nero, on a large stretch of land now known as Torium.

The Sacking of the White Walled City

External forces led by the invader known as Wa’rath and his army of followers from the Southern Tribelands famously broke down the main gate of the White Walled City in the year 460 of the Age of Kings on the 27th day of the month of Scientia, a day now known as Día del Desmoronamiento, (Day of the Crumbling). The massacre left over 65,000 men, women and children dead. It was the single worst day of bloodshed in known history, far worse than any battle in any war fought up until this point.

The surprise attack came with little to no warning, bolstered by a false sense of security that the White Walled City had never been breached by an invading army in its entire history. Furthermore, reports from travelers claiming that a large army was approaching fell mostly on deaf ears, the Torian council too busy with a bureaucratic crisis to mount any kind of legitimate, speedy defense against the encroaching invaders. By the time the army had arrived, it was too little, too late to withstand.

As a last act against the opposition to guard against all of the secrets falling into enemy hands, the Torian Prime Consult supposedly placed a permanent lock on the external walls of the Sealed Sanctum, the most holy place in the entire world. By escaping with the artifact that acted as the entry key to the outer wall of the Sealed Sanctum, the Torians who fled claim to have prevented catastrophic consequences the world has never known. Whether that is true or not cannot be known.

The forces who escaped the White Walled City fled, only to watch the black banners of the invading army adorn the outside walls of the city. The city fell and became known as Denegaz, the seat of Emperor Wa’rath, first and greatest monarch of the Warathi empire.

Exodus Across the Lake

With the help of the empathetic Torian-allied state of Gorzova, along with additional ships from Becio, the Torians fled by water across the sea, to an outpost named Torium, the farthest reaching settlement that remained loyal to the Torian Council. This outpost was built upon the remains of ancient society lost to The Fall, much like most of the modern inhabited cities in the world.

Prior to the Exodus of the Torians, the city was only partially restored, roughly one fourth of the city not in ruin. When the Torian refugees, including the Prime Consult and the Torian Council, arrived there, they saw the ruins as a chance to start over with a new home, far from the inevitable war that would ravage the continent.

Early Years of Torium

Although the Torians assumed control over the settlement, the regional governor who had been overseeing the establishment of the settlement did not take the news of his demotion well. Governor Lucan Alongian clashed much with the Torian Council on matters of his governance, to the point where his arguments proved so disruptive that he was removed from power.

The fallen governor, with the help of the men loyal to him, attempted a coup against the Torian Council, which would have potentially been successful had one of his men not turned him in the evening prior to the supposed assassination attempt.

Lucan Alongian was tried for treason, and was crucified separate from his head in the city square as a traitor. His dismembered head was coated in molten bronze and still remains on display there as a warning against further derision in the ranks.

While there would be occasional criminal organizations seeking to gain power within the city, none so openly attempted to subvert the power of the Torian forces.

A Rebuilt Torian Stronghold

In modern times, Torium now thrives as a settlement, both as a cultural hub as well as a military presence and church. Much of the Torian influence in the world now still exists through the establishment of a program that allows representatives of the faith on the councils of most of the non-Warathi kingdoms that remain on Caelon. While it is not likely that Torian forces will ever have as much control over the world as they did in their heyday, they still are regarded highly among much of the cities that were once under their command.

Many people believe that in time, Torium will rise against the Warathi invading forces which continue to push north in Caelon to grasp control of the continent, another reason why so many cities are still willing to host a Torian presence, aside from the clergy.

Whether that happens remains a mystery to be seen as events unfold.

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