The World of El Tor

By far my most ambitious endeavor, and the culmination of 25 years of creating characters in my mind, reading world history, absorbing all sorts of inspiration including television, books and movies, as well as drawing inspiration from my experiences and happenings inside my own family, I am hard at work on a living, breathing, high fantasy world of my own. The trouble with such an undertaking is that the more you work on it, the more you realize you’ve got to work on it even more.

The World of El Tor, the name I’ve dubbed for the entirety of the work inside this universe, shall one day be shopped around to agents until I find one that will help me get it published. That day isn’t today, but it is coming. It’s just slow. I have a first draft finished, but as soon as I gave my fingers a rest I realized just how far I’ve got to go to make this manuscript bullet-proof. As an unknown writer, I’ve got to get it right the first time I send it off to agents to read. I can’t afford to send them anything other than my best.

So, what is The World of El Tor? What is “El Tor“, exactly? I suppose the best way for me to explain is by telling you about the first novel in my series. Pancho’s Fall.

Pancho’s Fall tells the story of Pancho, a woodsman living in the mountains on the north of the continent of Caelon, who is thrown into a series of events that force him to reconsider his place in the world. Always dreaming of adventure and greater things, he gets far more than he bargains for as he’s led on an epic journey to distant, hostile lands, where he discovers secrets long lost to the annals of time. Witness the end of the Time of Great Peace and the beginning of the wars of the Reclamation, which will change the geopolitical landscape of Caelon, and the World of El Tor as a whole, forever.

Inspired heavily by the Reconquista of Spain in the middle ages, the series will explore the bloodline of kings and lords over three generations, eventually bringing an entire continent to war, and unleashing the powers of a god onto the world who had forgotten him. Witness doomed love in a time of upheaval, watch as hatred consumes an important family, and walk along with the legendary figures who one day will be remembered as the great heroes of their time. And it all starts with the journey of a hunter into something more.

Interested in hearing more? Don’t worry, I’ll update you in time. Until then, let’s keep in touch.

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