(Fantasy) What Secrets Lie Within the Sealed Sanctum?

The Sealed Sanctum of the White Walled City (or Denegaz, as the current Warathi residents call the city), is perhaps one of the most debated objects of speculation and mystery within the World of El Tor. While the Torian scripture found in the First Book describes the Innermost Sanctum of the temple as the Most Sacred Place where only El Tor was allowed to enter in communion with the Lord of Names, the book does not describe when or why the sanctum was sealed off, since the First Book ends prior to the disappearance of El Tor, its primary author.

Description from The First Book

The First Book describes the Innermost Sanctum as the Holiest Place, the place where The First Man would commune with the Lord of Names on a regular basis. He notably kept the mysteries of the sanctum a secret to the people of the White Walled City, saying that even the most learned scholars of the age were unprepared for the knowledge that was accessible through the threshold. From El Libro del Conocimiento, the Book of Knowledge, the second book of The First Book, he describes the sanctum in detail:

6 It has thus been bequeathed from on high the most sacred knowledge shall be passed to you, O great flock. Only through communion with the Lord of Names shall we hope to uncover the hidden truths of the cosmos. 7 And though too great is the glory of the Lord for we, the lowly wretches, to witness bare with our open eyes, He has not forsaken us nonetheless, considering all of our weakness and taking pity upon us. 8 For he has given us a chamber in which communion is attainable, yet with the Truth comes a great cost upon the Witness. 9 It is thus that I, eldest of men, have taken this burden upon my shoulders, that from that Holiest Place I may take the Light and with it illuminate every face in the world.

From El Libro del Conocimiento second book of The Book of El Tor, circa 800 A1

When El Tor disappeared from the world, the Innermost Sanctum was sealed. It is not known how it was sealed, but all known attempts to enter the sanctum have ended in failure.

Torian History and Belief

After El Tor disappeared from the world following the Great Fall, the ancient religion of El Tor was nearly lost to the world, as many believed that the Lord of Names and the First Man had both abandoned them. It was not until nearly a century later when religious leaders once again brought order to the White Walled City, in an event called Dia de Nueva Vida, or Day of New Life.

During this event, followers of the teachings of El Tor organized a coup of the major houses which had gained much power in the vacuum that appeared after El Tor disappeared. The seven Major Houses in the City were thwarted during a summit as they met to determine the best way to govern. Six heads of house were slain in the uprising. Domites, the seventh and least powerful leader only spared after agreeing to convert the city into a religious state once again. Domites became known as the first Prime Consul of modern Torianism.

Although carrying the title of Prime Consul, which only El Tor had done before, neither Domites nor any of his successors would be able to open the sealed sanctum.

Mainland Torians believe that righteous souls travel freely through the seal to get to paradise, while others must wait in the sanctum just outside until the day they are judged and sorted.

It is typically taught through Torian upbringing that one day the First Man will open the sealed door himself, reappearing to lead the world into a new age, an Age of Rebirth and Reenlightenment where once again mankind will receive the Seven Gifts.

Saibhrean Isles Beliefs

As mentioned here, Torians of the Saibhrean Isles also believe that the spirits of believers who have died prior to the opening of the Sacred Seal are held in the underworld, called domhan thíos, where they shall remain until a great hero opens the seal, leading the souls into paradise only at that time.

Warathi Beliefs – Protecting the Seal

Warathi faithful believe that only a descendant of El Tor himself have the right to guard the Sacred Seal, a major reason for why the Torians were cast out of the White Walled City by Warathi invaders led by the Emperor Wa’rath, who claimed to be the First Son of El Tor returned.

What is not known is whether any attempts were made by the Warathi to open the sacred seal. However, their religious doctrine lead many to believe that no attempts were made and that the Warathi are there to protect the seal from hands of those who do not understand its true power.

Warathi doctrine calls out a life force within all living and unliving things, called Duniya Mai Rai, essentially a spiritual force that the Sealed Sanctum can be used as a conduit to commune with it, enabling harmony and peace throughout the world.

They believe that if the seal is removed, the gateway to disharmony will be opened and the world shall fall into chaos, enabling a Second Fall of Mankind, this time sparing none, even those within the Holy City they call Denegaz. They believe that ultimately the Fall of Man happened when El Tor (Al’torr in their dialect), allowed others to see within the sanctum, creating the original sin that brought upon the destruction of the world’s civilizations.

Although Wa’rath died long ago, his body lies preserved in a sarcophagus just outside of the seal in the chamber, there to stand guard eternally and be brought back to life should any kind of threat to the harmony of the world appear.

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