#TBT – “Battle Royale”

Back in the day, I used to be able to get a whole bunch of my friends together all at once to film a video, no matter how stupid the idea was. So many friends who were willing to come over on a Friday night to make a dumb video – now that was a great time. The only other time I have managed to do that is during the 2015 season. Maybe after the time of COVID-19 is over, we will need to have a bit of a resurgence.

As mentioned in last week’s #TBT video, you’ll remember that James got a shoulder injury and couldn’t be in any videos for a few weeks, so we wrote him out of our videos and replaced him with a shop vac. Sorry that I had to explain that joke.

25 thoughts on “#TBT – “Battle Royale””

  1. Where do I even begin with this one? LOL!
    Boys will be boys. Great choice of music, though. I wonder what Mom and Dad were thinking upstairs while all this was happening? I can just imagine! I love seeing the old house in your videos, Andrew. 🙂

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