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So, it has been a full week from the time we first left on our vacation. It's moved fast, but it didn't really start to lose steam a little until today. Perhaps it is because the clothes we packed are starting to dwindle as we wait for the special laundry service day when the cruise ship will only cost us 30ish dollars instead of hundreds for a full load. Perhaps it's because Livorno is a beautiful port city that is dead because of the season and because it's a Sunday. Maybe it's because we are conditioned to have no longer than one of vacation at a time and our homesickness is starting to seep in. It's probably all of those
I am typing this from the first decently choppy night on the cruise ship after we left the port at Naples. The first night was a little rocky, but tonight there's considerably more wind and it's definitely noticeable and ever-present. It serves as a great reminder that mother nature is in charge, something that the people of this area are not likely to forget. Naples, though full of history and art and music, is a great city underneath the grittiness and grime that unfortunately pervades the cityscape here. From an outsider's perspective, the city looks run-down and dilapidated. Perhaps there's a lot of truth in that, but the people of Neopolis (literally "new city" in Greek) that I encountered wouldn't
We have embarked on the journey. The ship we are on is called the Epic, from the Norwegian Cruise Line. We got up pretty early and ate more delicious breakfast at our Rome hotel, which I will miss. Before we left, I took one more look out our balcony and pondered the building across the way. It was an old building, something I figured might have been important at some point. Turns out, it was. The building was just one of the several buildings of the Museum of Rome, which was itself a culturally significant complex in its time. The complex was created during the time of the Emperor Diocletian, around the end of the 3rd Century and into the
Last day in Rome and over too quickly. So much left to see and taste and experience, but our time has unfortunately run out. Tomorrow, we will set off on our cruise to begin our lightning speed tour of the Mediterranean ports in southern Europe. If three days isn't enough time to experience enough of Rome, 12 hours at each other city on our vacation will certainly be a similar story. But we will get a good taste and see some amazing things, anyway. We began our day today heading to the Vatican, after another delicious breakfast from our hotel. (I will try to remember to discuss our hotel more tomorrow, as well as give links to it and a
Here we are at the end of day two in Rome with our four year old. For many of those back home in the US, you probably are just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of your work day. For us, it's past 9pm and we are exhausted. The good kind of exhausted. Today was mostly awesome. We started our day with a guided tour of the Colosseum, the Capitoline Hill and then the Roman Forum. For me, this was outstanding. For Jodie, whose favorite subject in history is World War II, the latter part of the tour was just pretty good. For Declan, he loved the Colosseum and also chasing pigeons and seagulls away.

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  1. It looks like they have their Christmas decorations up too. Those lazy days will be appreciated and everyone gets homesick. Three weeks is longer than usual but when you relive it all it will seem so much shorter. Have fun!

  2. I’m sure I’d hand wash my laundry in the shower the exact same way. Our parents taught us how to be frugal and I think it’s one of the best things parents can teach their children, along with how to be compassionate and kind.

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