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Today started out a little shaky, literally. I suppose we should probably expect it now that we are now settled in a much bigger body of water than the Mediterranean. We all woke up somewhere around four a.m. to some turbulent waters. Drawers were opening and shutting on their own. The bed was shaking quite a lot. It was pretty difficult to get back to sleep, and that kind of started us off on an energy deficit as we began our journey into Lisbon. I didn't have a lot of expectations for Lisbon. I have heard that Portugal is a haven for expatriates, so I was curious if Lisbon would grab us. Knowing no Portuguese, where in Italy, France and
Cadiz, Spain, located close to the strait of Gibraltar, is a southern point of the Iberian peninsula. Because of this, it stays fairly warm all year long. Today was no exception. In fact, it was our warmest day of our journey so far, reaching 70 degrees fahrenheit at the warmest point of the day. We lounged around a bit outside and Declan and I even hit the pool after the day's events. More on that later. This was my favorite port so far, as we didn't have to take a bus to get into the city. Our ship was just right there at the side of the island, less than five minutes walk from getting off the ship to being
We spent the whole day at sea today. This was much needed and appreciated after yesterday's big walk through Barcelona. It also served as good practice for when we finally leave land behind us after departing the Azores, in less than a week. I think it went well, though I know it will take some patience and resilience on all of our parts to cross the Atlantic. That's the part of the trip that Andy told me there was "no way in hell" he would do it. Declan has it easier than us. He has his kids club and the arcade, both of which he could easily spend all of his time in either one. As adults who don't really
Whew! 21,000 steps later, we are in our cabin and resting up for the night. This was the one city along our journey I had visited before, so it was the one I was mentally prepared to stroll through. After running through options last night with Kiley about the best way to see the city and not die of exhaustion, we decided to just suck it up and walk anyway. I'm glad we did. The highlights of the day for Declan were simple: he liked the gelato we stopped to get and he also liked shooing pigeons. That's it. He wasn't really a huge fan of the things that enticed us, but that's to be expected. After all, he's still
Well, the day has come and gone without a hitch. Just like that, our time in France has slipped away from us. I have to say this, coming from someone who has never really had any interest in visiting France - Marseille surprised me. I really enjoyed it and I could easily see myself going on a return visit someday. One day here is not enough. You should come and just take it easy here someday. The day began on a fairly long shuttle trip in the rain. It was relatively light rain, but we knew we had at least forty or so minutes of walking ahead of us so that would easily add up. We did get pretty wet

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  1. Uh. All that motion makes me want to run and jump off that ship. Oh wait. I can’t swim. Just the realization that you are able to visit so many historic places should make any motion sickness secondary.

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