(Fantasy) Third Excerpt from “Cantar del Primer Hijo”

In the first and the second excerpts from the famous epic poem “Cantar del Primer Hijo”, the poet describes the grand return of El Primer Hijo, or the First Son of El Tor, to the White Walled City. In those excerpts, the poet describes the display of several of the ancient gifts that the great men of the bygone age that the figure of the First Son possessed, and then laments on the fact that he was not there simply to rule as their king.

Instead, he calls upon brave warriors to come with him to help him on his quest to vanquish the monsters of the land. This excerpt describes the Ten Saints, the group of seven men, two boys and one woman who bravely volunteered to depart the safety of their home to follow him.

Cantar del Primer Hijo
Though emptiness filled the morning air in our hallowed halls,
And sudden loss and wary hope veiled the sky for us all,
Our thoughts remained upon the ones who bravely went away
Leaving the warmth of home and hearth, their comforts there betrayed
Of those who left were seven men from seven families
Bringing with them two wards to learn the ways of gallantry
And with them came the matron Gailavira, the mender
Whose heart was full of pity for those who would defend her.

Euric and Bulgar equipped themselves with bow and quiver,
And Ervig and Isidore took up their mighty longspears
Their wards carrying trumpets and snares to assist their lords.
And the three mighty warriors who wielded sharp longswords
Were called Geilamir, Alaric and Fridok the swordsmen
Whose skill with the saber was proven again and again.
Although small they were in number, great they were in their skill
And for this reason precisely, they were bound to His will.

They were the best of us all, though of the Gifts they had none
In the presence of greatness, they all shone just like the Sun.
For with a master so mighty, lambs can become lions
And there is no master greater than the firstborn scion.
With weapons firmly in hand and stone hard grit in their gut
They took to the wilderness as the great gates were fast shut
And with no final words spoken, they were so simply gone
A fellowship bound together at the break of the dawn.

Cantar I – Fanfare of the Son (excerpt)

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