“Keeping Safe the Waters” – Traditional Saibhrean Song

During the Gifted Wars, Torian General Tonsior and his fleet spread across the Western coast of Caelon, beating a path of destruction through many of the great holds there in an effort to regain control of the rogue governments who proclaimed independence from Torian control. The most critical event in this campaign was at the waters of Mar de Comercio near the city of Penderona, when the Saibhrean fleet came to the aid of their allies on the main land. Because of the position of the Saibhrean fleet, not only did it prevent General Tonsior from using his Gift of shaping the earth and causing tidal waves due to the destruction it would cause to his own fleet, it kept Penderona from destruction.

The song “Keeping Safe the Waters,” translated below into the common language, is a song that was written about the historically significant victory against tyrannical rule that played such a crucial role in the political and social formation of the continent and the isles. Sung in the old style, the song survives to this day as an important part of the Saibhrean heritage. The songs sung in the old style are rhythmically diverse, are never accompanied by instruments, and are typically sung alone.

“Keeping Safe the Waters”

Oh, if ever I took a chance on something for once in my dear life,

Leaving not just up to luck the trampling courses of the floods

Let it be for the love of thee that I go sailing off to battle

And may every gust of reckless wind find its way onto my back

For what good is it to gather flowers in a field of my own

And see the easy beauty of the springtime sunrise

And know the love of you, dear Emily, and hear your laughter

While we pretend that the world we live in extends forever?

We can gather daisies and ferns and heather

We can build our house in the valley by the gently flowing stream

We can grow a garden fortress from the ground

But the fire that takes our neighbors will eventually spread to us

The earth shakes across the water, loudly bringing buildings down

The sea that separates us crashes hard against their homes

And the only gifts that they are given aren’t worth calling gifts at all

So we’re left wondering maybe we should bring them gifts of our own

So pack up my bags, dear Emily, and bring to me my scabbard

And kiss me sweetly among the garden where our lives has grown

Let me breathe in the flowers and the dewdrops and the lovely scent of you

Though it may be my last goodbye, I’ll try to come home again to you.

I will board the ships with my brothers and my cousins

And we will cast away to sail the sea to face the threat together

For the ones that need saving now may one day need to come to us

So we’re keeping safe the waters around the islands of our home

And we’re keeping safe our neighbors who need a helping hand

Yes, we’re keeping safe the waters, though we may never make it home.

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  1. Beautiful. I love it when you write songs. Parts of this one make me think of Matt. It also reminds me somewhat of “Come Sail Away” by Styx too. Lovely, nostalgic, and bittersweet.

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