“Love in the Deep” a Sonnet from the Saibhrean Isles

As mentioned recently, the prolific Bróccan the Bard, whose personality and work is well known in the Saibhrean Isles, wrote a sonnet about the Parade of the Dead (carbhán na marbh), the local legend that claims the souls of the dead are led through the sea by a white whale to the underworld (domhan thíos).

Though the subject matter, history and mythology surrounding the Parade of the Dead is known extensively throughout the isles, it has not particularly caught on throughout the mainlands. Perhaps, then, it stands as a testament to Bróccan the Bard’s skill at addressing local Saibhrean subject matters while still remaining relevant to non-Saibhrean audiences as well. This sonnet has indeed made its way into the mainland, and is often referenced and spoken or sung at funerals for wives of lords.

Love in the Deeps

Do you remember when we sat together by the sea?
On the very edge of life, I sought after you and you at me.
My course charted within the vastness of your eyes
In times when waves were gentle, in clearer skies.
And now alone I must carry onward
And hide from my own fears, though I, a coward.
The ocean within your eyes I once discovered
Has retracted fast before me, gone forever.
But though now I sail on crested waves
And search for you within island caves
I know I will find you at last before eternity
Looking out from dark waters, back up at me.
For though you’re within the pale whale’s keep
I’ll spot you there in spite of death, my dearest love in the deeps.

Bróccan the Bard

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