You Should Try Going Somewhere Your Phone Doesn’t Work!

Sometimes the noise is too much for anybody to handle. Whether you’re someone who watches the news and gets discouraged about the world today, or someone who incessantly refreshes Facebook or Reddit every time you reach the end of the feed, your connection to media may be having a huge negative effect on your mental health, especially this year. Yet, like a moth to the flame, you find yourself coming back again and again, even though you know you’ll get burned. Maybe it’s time to combat this by going somewhere you won’t be able to get cable tv or data coverage on your phone. Below are some ideas of better places than the corner of your dark bedroom to spend some time, banging your head on the wall just to feel alive.

#1 – A Nice Quiet Lake Cottage

Not all of us have a nice place on a lake we can go to any time we want, but all of us have access to sites like airbnb or vrbo, both of which have many options to find that perfect getaway. The more remote the area, the better. Typically, either the hosts or the comments section will mention whether internet is available. Do yourself a favor and find yourself a place with nice views, surrounded by nature and in the middle of nowhere. There is no better way to begin quieting the voices in your head than to have your toes in the water as the Sun warms your face, allowing you to sprout roots and collect renewing energy through the natural phenomenon of photosynthesis.

#2 – Camping Far Away from Civilization

If you have never experienced the joy of camping in the wilderness, sitting around a camp fire and staring out at the light pollution-free sky at night, then you are in for a treat. If you really want to exclude yourself from the hustle and bustle of society, then this is the best way to do it. Not to mention that camping is inexpensive, enjoyable, and even helps you reset your biological clock! Don’t even think about bringing a charger, you won’t be able to plug it in to a nearby rock or bush with much success. If you are lucky, you can even befriend a wolf who can help you live off the land in perpetuity. What’s more, if you find the right kind of natural fungus, you can even learn to communicate with the wolf. Wolves and bears are remarkably well-known through certain cultures to give good advice just when you need it. So, why not try it? What’s the worst that can happen?

#3 – Somewhere With a View That Will Give You Perspective on Life

Admittedly, this one might be hard to accomplish. But, if you can muster it, then you really should consider boarding a spacecraft and heading up to the International Space Station. There is something truly special about seeing the entire world as you float around weightlessly, circling in infinity as all of the world’s strife is literally beneath you. As Carl Sagan once said,

“It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world.”

If you really want perspective on how small the world’s problems really are, then suit up and get out there!

#4 – Go Through the Doorway!

Years ago, when the cat got out of the bag that we are not alone, it slowly became more and more apparent that this world as we know it is on the fast track to inter-dimensional Armageddon. The good news? If they can come here, we can go elsewhere. Through all of the hard work by well-intentioned governmental programs like MKULTRA, as well as technology provided to us through Area 51, we discovered that we are definitely not alone. The whole point of this post is to try and remove yourself from others, so it’s important to remember that even if you can’t see the beings around you, they are probably still there watching you struggle against the stomach problems you inherited from your dad. Take control of your life again, and go to another reality that the visitors have not yet ruined. You’ve earned it.

#5 – Walmart

Metal roofing is expensive, but it’s becoming more and more popular these days. Sure, you could save up and get metal roofing installed onto your own house, but why not go somewhere that’s open all the time that already has a metal roof that will inhibit your cell phone reception? Sure, you’ll still be around people, but there are ways to give yourself the peace and quiet you deserve when you really need it. Otherwise, they have literally everything you need to survive as long as you want. You, too, can make Walmart your luxurious new cell phone-free 180,000 square foot home. After all, it’s been done before.

2 thoughts on “You Should Try Going Somewhere Your Phone Doesn’t Work!”

  1. As an introvert, I NEED time, space, and quiet to recharge my mental batteries. I absolutely love that picture (#1) of the isolated lake cottage. That is my perfect spot. I am not as thrilled about #2, though. I love the idea of it, but I really can’t stand mosquitoes and bugs that crawl on me while I try to sleep. 🙂 Where is that cottage in the first picture, Andrew?

  2. P.S. I shouldn’t click on your links, because I end up laughing too hard. The couple found living in Walmart, for starters! LOL

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