5 Major Hints That You Are the Star of Your Very Own Truman Show

Truman Show

Okay, let’s just come out and say it, once and for all: you caught us. There, happy? We’ve been watching you for a very long time, and we find your life irresistible to watch, just like in the movie The Truman Show. Every heartbreak, every new romance, every achievement, every failure – we’ve been right there with you the whole way, and it feels so good to finally be able to openly talk about it.

So, how did you figure it out? Here are five of the best guesses that your fan base has come up with, based on the observations of all of us loyal fans who’ve been there since the beginning.

#5 – All Those Uncreative Names

Okay, even the biggest fans of your show can admit that the names of the people written into your life are sometimes WAY too big of a giveaway for the fact that you’re on tv. Of course, it’s hard coming up with all these names for all the random people you meet in your life, but some of their names are just plain lazy writing.

Your college romance cheated on you with someone with the last name Murder? Really? You rent out your boat lift to a guy whose last name is Boatright? You worked at the train yard with Tina Worman, a woman whose name is just an anagram for “train woman” – come on, how didn’t you figure this stuff out sooner?

Every time one of these lazily-written name characters showed up in your life, we all took a collective sigh at yet another horrible character name from those bad writers who keep doing this all throughout your life.

#4 – Cameras Everywhere!

Okay, we admit that we were all really skeptical that the show could go on much longer after we heard the network was not doing well financially. While your show used to be really good about hiding these incredible cameras everywhere in your set, the picture quality just wasn’t keeping up with the technology outside of your little bubble.

It was probably one of the most genius moves of the producers to save a TON of money on camera budget by having all the actors constantly holding their phones up all the time, pretending to text or look at cat videos online. Come on, buddy, did you really think that real people like holding their phone to their face non-stop like they do on your show? Could you imagine how materialistic that would make us? What a terrible existence it would be if that were real life.

It was admittedly a huge bonus when some of your friend characters on the show convinced you to willingly start that vlog, convincing you that people actually exist out there called “influencers” who just talk bullcrap all day long and take pictures of the most mundane things. Imagine if people like that actually got real money for doing that? Not so, in the real world, thankfully!

#3 – All This Technology and No Flying Cars?

So, out in the real world, we have flying cars. We’ve had them since about thirty years ago. Problem is, they’re not cheap. But outside in the real world, they’re still everywhere you go. We have all sorts of things like that, actually, but flying cars have been around as a part of our daily life for some time now.

The reason you don’t have them on set is because when they built the dome to keep you in, they didn’t build it high enough to allow flying cars to move about at the safe altitude. According to the 10th season DVD commentary, they made a decision around year three that they would be keeping your life separated from certain technology of the real world in order to protect the set from things that engineering just didn’t account for.

It’s also why you have never seen any teleportation matrixes on your set, they require open air in order to properly transmit human payloads. It’s been interesting for us to see what life would be like without these technologies, however!

#2 – TruTV Only Plays The Impractical Jokers

So, it really confused us viewers why the producers decided to ever even include TruTV as a channel selection for you at all. Maybe it was some sort of meta joke we were all supposed to think was terribly funny, but honestly it is one of the most talked about, ridiculous things they’ve ever added to your set.

Yes, in the real world, TruTV is just you. Well, now it’s re-runs of you, but back before this whole thing came crashing down it was just a live production of you, with the occasional narration at slow points. For whatever reason, the executives decided to include TruTV on your set, and we guess because it was a prank to include it, they ordered a few episodes of The Impractical Jokers to play on the show.

They really messed up, though, because they had no idea that you’d binge watch that show from the time you got off work until you fell asleep every night. We really don’t know how you didn’t figure out the truth after a while…

Not to mention that in the real world, every channel with a specific name actually shows what it says it does. MTV shows music videos instead of reality tv, History Channel shows actual history instead of Larry the Cable Guy and aliens, etc.

#1 – Pandemic After You Made Travel Plans

When you started incessantly looking up ways to explore the world just like on the Truman Show, we all wondered how the producers were going to handle that. Who knew that being trapped inside an artificial environment surrounded by fake people would one day make you want to go very far away?

Isn’t it strange how even though, when you wouldn’t listen to your friends and family who kept telling you traveling wasn’t a good idea, a major communicable disease comes out of nowhere and ruins all your plans by infecting the population of the place you want to travel?

And then, when you started looking up different places that you could possibly go, all these people around you start acting absolutely insane by refusing to wear masks, even though it’s the easiest way to stop the spread? Did you really think we, in the real world, would be so stupid that we would actually refuse to do something as easy as wearing a mask to stop a pandemic?

No, the people in the real world are nowhere near as selfish or ignorant as that.

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