New Website (And a Hiccup)

So this is going to sound like deja vu to anyone who has been paying attention, but I recently migrated my site from the site to this site, It was a lot of work getting the site moved to a self-hosted site, and unfortunately I had some work ahead of me prior to being able to really start posting again. Enter the hiccup.

I posted a few posts, including a recent chapter of the Oro Goro series, and those posts are now gone, and won’t be recovered. I will, however, post another version of the latest chapter of Oro Goro this week, to make up for it. I wasn’t terribly happy with how the chapter came out anyway, so I am glad to be able to be given a second chance at it.

Otherwise, starting next week, this blog will be back to its regularly scheduled program. Hopefully those people who have followed my blog through email and through the WordPress platform will still get notifications when I post, and I haven’t lost you as a connection. I appreciate each of your follows and hope to continue to generate good content for a long time coming.

Pretty soon, I will be completing the Oro Goro story on the blog and moving on to the first short story in the World of El Tor, my series I’ve been alluding to for some time. It will span several generations through many books, whether I get a publishing deal or not. If there is ever any type of content you particularly enjoy, including other genres, then please let me know and I’ll make sure to keep that kind of thing coming.

As info, all stories on the blog are subject to change or be refined if I manage to publish the stories at any point. Most likely, if that happens, then I will make the existing versions of the stories on the blog private, in order to keep only the best version available to the public. Long story short, enjoy them while they last, in case I ever get to publish the stories on the blog, as the content may not always be available in this format forever.

Thanks for being a follower of my blog!

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